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In 1951, we opened the doors of our first camp with an eye to creating memorable experiences for Jewish children each summer. In the fifty-nine years since then, we’ve been at the forefront of the Jewish camping experience. With thirteen camps across North America, and complementary programs in Israel, we’re the largest Jewish camping system in the world. And we know how to do camping right. With high-caliber facilities, engaging programming, and a thoughtful and caring staff, we’ve been a vital part of the lives of tens of thousands of children for nearly six decades.

At the end of the day, what we’re most proud of is the role we play in the life of each child.

We’re dedicated to the growth of every camper as an individual…

  • From understanding where they’re coming from, and meeting them at their own level
  • To focusing how they will spend their summer living, having fun, and developing at one of our camps
  • To ensuring their future as a committed Jew and a good human being

And we’re dedicated to the growth of every camper as part of a community…

  • From forming lifelong friendships on the first day of camp
  • To the bonds of love and learning shared with counselors and staff
  • To a love of the Jewish people, Israel, and all that Reform Judaism has to offer.

As a close network of thirteen camps, we’re able to share resources and dedicate an astounding amount of energy and focus to creating the best possible experience for our campers each and every summer. We're particularly proud of our open and inclusive communities that are sensitive to the needs of families of varied backrounds.

As a Jewish movement, Israel is an integral part of our camp experience. Every camp welcomes a number of Israeli shlichim (ambassadors) each summer, Israel education plays a central role in each camp’s programming, and every camp offers the opportunity to travel to Israel with the camp community.

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